People are the backbone of any enterprise.

Your team needs to stand out in person and in content. Raise the value of your human resources by investing in their improvement. Even if you are a solopreneur, get the required training to balance your act. Experience the TCOATH advantage.

Good design is always in season.

Your logo is not your brand. Your brand gets established not by publicizing the logo but by meeting client deadlines. Having a reputation for meeting client deadlines is just one piece of the puzzle. Producing excellent work and having superb customer service are the other pieces.

Have a clear communication strategy.

Social media is a major part but not all of it. Identify the channels that will get your message across to those who need to hear it the most and at the right time too. Ensure these channels contain a healthy mix of customers and consumers. Customers pay. Consumers browse.

About Us

TCOATH was founded in 2012 as a learning and design company dedicated to providing and maximizing growth opportunities for individuals and corporate bodies alike.

What we do is provide learning opportunities that focus on effective individual and corporate capacity development. We also bring your design ideas to life, setting you apart from everyone else.

Our Vision is to be the leading brand in personal and corporate capacity development across Nigeria.

Our Mission is to transform personal and corporate lifestyles through innovative learning & design solutions.

Our Values  are a commitment to developing the Leadership capacity of our clients. We are also committed to continuous improvement and   Innovation. Our trademark is Verity while we bring the tangible value of Excellence to every engagement.


Experience epic learning events. Savour excellent design.

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