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Knowledge transfer is a tool for growth. We advocate methodologies geared towards individual and corporate learning with a clear view to influence the immediate and remote environment.


A business is run methodically to achieve specific goals all decided in advance. This is the bedrock of our brand development, communication and management as well as business process improvement projects.


Starting and running a business is a choose your adventure game. We are here to help you identify and pursue the adventure that is perfect for you. Which level will you attain today? Sign up for your next adventure.

Our Latest Project

Website Design, Hosting and Email Management for Difference Maker Solutions. The main focus of this client is designing and implementing alternative power solutions for both individual and corporate clients. The services and products they offer are boldly showcased with a modern dynamic home page. The site is mobile responsive and the project was completed using WordPress.

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Our Learning Events

We had the opportunity to facilitate a session on relationship management with the customer service unit of ASO Savings & Loans Plc, a leading financial service provider in the mortgage sector in Nigeria.

Highlights of the session include:
1. Develop trust, which is the most vital currency in any relationship.
2. Improve communication, the art of which is the language of  leadership - James Humes
3. Information is the negotiator's greatest asset. What do you know and how do you apply it?
4. Master the components of service - make sure your customer is seen, heard and appreciated.

The session was anchored by our Partner, Operations & Technology, Tayo Adefarasin.

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Our flagship Enterprise 2.0 event

A gathering of small business owners, for tips on growing their enterprises.

Business Ethics and Culture

Bespoke training on business ethics and culture for a business in the hospitality industry.

CBN / Layer 3

We facilitated a training on budgeting and financial management for the Central Bank of Nigeria Cooperative Society. Plus Layer3 admin staff training.

The Strong House, Abuja

Brand Communication and Value Creation training sessions.

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