From Skill To Income – An Introduction

Welcome to From Skill To Income.

The overall idea is for you to eventually be able to recognize a skill, a skill set or specialized knowledge that you have. The next step is to turn same to become a source of income.

Before we proceed, let one thought be made clear – “It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.” – Epictetus, Discourses, Book II, ch. 17. As you have chosen to participate in this class, have and keep an open mind, ready to learn, ready to share your own knowledge where required.

The primary mode of partaking in this course is via email. Content though varies, as we have video, audio and text. Over the duration of this course, we will tackle the following topics:

1. Discovering our skills
2. Developing a business around our skills.
3. Writing a single page plan to make money from those skills.
4. Branding and Packaging our skills.
5. Creating our own referral network and using social media effectively.
6. Diversifying our skills and developing new ones.
7. What next?

As with any learning environment, there are assignments for you to do on your own. Some assignments are due the same day, others that require longer periods to complete will have that afforded them.

Submission time for assignments are not too flexible. This is so that we don’t start interjecting an ongoing class or discussion with feedback on an assignment from one or two classes ago.

ALL assignments must however be completed by the end of the class. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the provided forum so all can learn from the responses provided.
Please feel free to invite friends and family who you believe can benefit from what you have learnt and from our proposed list of future lessons.

Just send them the original invite you received. Thank you!

Every community needs guidelines to govern good conduct and offer protection to all and sundry. These are ours.

From Skill to Income Community Guidelines

1. Once you access the forum, introduce themselves and state the name you would prefer to be addressed with. In all interactions, respect for the individual, for the community and a personal sense of decorum should be exercised.

2. You are encouraged to participate by asking questions, and providing responses to those asked in the community.

3. There are no wrong answers to any question. Your response is how you see it. However the admin reserves the right to change the direction of any conversation deemed generally toxic or going off topic.

4. There will be a regular one hour window to ask the instructor questions. Questions relating to the topic of the day or something previously covered will be entertained. Anything outside that may or may not get a response.

5. Create a folder on your mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop) or a desktop computer if you have one. Name the folder From Skill To Income Knowledge Pack or FSTI Knowledge Pack. This folder will contain all the materials shared in the group. This will make it easier to refer to them later on.

6. Any other matters arising will be taken care of as we proceed.

Here again is the link to sign up. See you on the inside.

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