Get along with your boss

This is part of a writing class I’ve been developing. Read through and leave a comment or two. Thanks.

Make your “boss” aware of what you’re doing.

In the equation, your “boss” is your spouse, significant other, partner or someone who will feel the distance created by this new assignment of writing a new book or embarking on any other new project. This “boss” can also serve as an accountability partner to keep you from going off track. This “boss” is the other person apart from you, who knows the true why behind your writing. It is therefore important s/he is aware of your progress on a regular basis.

You could go about this by writing a short email to them highlighting what steps you have taken, where you are currently in the overall picture of completing the project.

The “boss” is not your assistant. They are there to keep you honest, keep you focused on completing the project. They have a vested interest in seeing you succeed.

Appreciate the “boss”, always.

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